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Tradition in and around Wagrain-Kleinarl

SILENT NIGHT - HOLY NIGHT - the roots are in wagrain

A very special magic surrounds the holiday region . The Silent Night Program puts you and your loved ones in a pre-Christmas mood with the ideal mix of winter romance and originality. The Silent Night events are dedicated to the memory of Joseph Mohr, the native poet of the the world's most famous Chrstimas song.

In 1837, Joseph Mohr came to Wagrain. As vicar of the community, he henceforth took care of those in need in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region and also had an elementary school built. Mohr died in 1848 in Wagrain, where he is also buried.

In honor of Joseph Mohr in Wagrain

  • Silent Night Museum
  • Joseph Mohr elementary school
  • Joseph Mohr grave
  • “Silent Night” - elementary school 
  • Traditional Joseph Mohr Memorial Singing

KARL HEINRICH WAGGERL MUSEUM - at Kirchboden in wagrain

Karl Heinrich Waggerl is considered one of the most significant poets and writers of Austria.
Follow the tracks of K. H. Waggerl on a guided culture walk. The highly gifted writer was born in 1897 in Bas Gastein.
After his retourn from war impresonment in italy in 1920.
He accepted a teaching position in Wagrain. Three years later,
Waggerl retreated from teaching due to a chronic lung disease and took up writing. 
The museum is located not far away from our hotel.

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