To give something special to a special person

"It needs to come from the heart to have an effect on the heart"

In this regards, the attention to detail at the RESTAURANT ALMMONTE
will make your heart gleam and conjure up a smile on your face!

Enjoy the devilicous food creations from our highly awarded kitchen crew. 

How it works?

We load up a gift card (looks similar to a credit card) amounting to your desired sum. The handling is simply perfect as you use your gift card as a "credit card" in order to deduct the particular amount.  

How can you purchase vouchers which are valid at almmonte?

You can order your voucher either directly via e-Mail
> kindly use the following address: info@almmonte.com
> kindly contact us personally under the following telephone number:
0043 6413 7286


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