Opened from 5pm
closed on mondays

the most beautiful day of your life
at the Almmonte in wagrain

Whether you want to organise
- the most beautyful day of your life -
the almmonte offers the perfect setting for any occasion.

The banqueting area seats 110 guests. The attractive and beautiful design is the ideal place to celebrate and feel good. It provides an unrivalled setting for any special event.

Every celebration is an unforgettable experience in the spacious area, surrounded by the harmonious restaurant architecture and gently rolling Wagrainer hills.


The ambitious kitchen team ensure that no wish is left unfulfilled. Their culinary creations are sure to impress any palate. Whether a creative buffet or multiple course meal, there is something to suit every taste here.

SPEcial wedding at Almmonte

The Almmonte team can help you plan your wedding with lots of creativity and passion. The idyllic location, stylish ambience and perfect organisation are what wedding dreams are made of. The best day of your life will be something truly special here.

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