Vouchers & pampering cheque

Almmonte as a gift

With our Almmonte voucher cards, it's also particularly easy to make others happy: We load a voucher card with the amount of your choice - and your gift of pleasure is ready! 

You enjoy our fine cuisine in a cosy ambience and simply pay "with card". 
And once the voucher card is empty, it can be easily recharged. 

Unsere Gutschein-Cards
This is how it works:

Voucher cards from Almmonte work like prepaid credit cards: 
we book an amount of your choice onto a card - and the presentee simply pays with it. Ingeniously simple, simply Almmonte. 

How to order voucher cards

You can get our vouchers directly at the Almmonte 96 Restaurant. 

Please contact us and we are looking forward to receiving your orders:
by telephone: 0043 6413 7286 
e-mail: info@almmonte.com