Hotel Bar

bar culture with elegance & style 

Best cocktails & cultivated beer pleasure 

Chilled music, stylish furniture and a relaxed atmosphere - 
that's what you can expect in our day & hotel bar - 
the place where your day begins and usually ends! 

In the evening the meeting point for a lively exchange between 
like-minded people, experiences are enjoyed verbally for a second time, cosy hours are experienced together. 
The hotel bar with its chilly atmosphere is a place for relaxed cool-down after a day full of impressions and experiences. 

For our wine lovers

Well-groomed culinary delights demand well-groomed wine accompaniment. 
That is why our wine cellar is a treasure chest for vinophiles and all those who want to become one. 
Around 220 different wines and champagnes are slumbering here, which we will gladly recommend to you.