Experiential – Summer in Wagrain-Kleinarl 

nature, clear water, biking & hiking

Hiking boots on your feet, the summit firmly in sight and the incomparable scent of the alpine pastures in your nose: Summer in the Wagrain-Kleinarl tourist region is a strapping nature boy - and at the same time a real seducer. Discover untouched natural landscapes, experience pure adrenaline and taste unadulterated alpine cuisine in one of the most beautiful regions of Salzburg province. 

Whether you decide on a fast-paced mountain bike tour, prefer to conquer the mountains on foot, or take the mountain railroad to reach the summit is entirely up to you. One thing is certain: the mountain nature of Wagrain near the Hohe Tauern National Park allows you to breathe deeply, look far and enjoy intensively.


Who wants to conquer the Wagrain and Kleinarl mountain nature on foot, has many possibilities: 

- A variety of well-signposted hiking trails (of every degree of difficulty) offer the perfect route for EVERYONE. 

- Those who like to make it a little more comfortable, complete the steepest ascent by mountain cable car.

- And for those who prefer to start right at the hotel door, take the local hiking bus.

Wagrainis Grafenberg
perfect for familys

In the middle of the Snow Space Salzburg is the nature and mountain experience world "Wagrainis Grafenberg" - made for the whole family. Throughout the summer, nature is open to explore with all senses, discover the regional wildlife and play extensively at the water playground, the bouldering wall or the swing forest. The way there is child's play: 

The Grafenbergbahn takes you straight up to the adventure on Wagrainis Grafenberg at 1,700 meters.